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Three Easy Steps To Prepare Your Body for Childbirth

Are you preparing for your body for delivery the way you prepare for your baby?

From picking the right color scheme and theme for the nursery, researching the perfect stroller and car seat, to packing and double checking your hospital bag. But do you put the same amount of time and work to prepare yourself for the delivery of your baby?

You might have discussed a birth plan with your obstetrician or midwife, discussed with friends and family who will be present during the birth, but how are you physically preparing yourself?

Do you plan to have a natural or medicated birth?

Have you found a breathing pattern than works best for you?

How are you going to position yourself when it is time to push?

How do you push out a baby?

How do you begin the healing process postpartum?

All of these questions are equally as important for you and your baby as you approach your due date. Feeling strong, confident, and in control of your body can ease the stresses and anxieties of labor and delivery. Focusing on these 3 areas listed below during your pregnancy can help better prepare you for one of the most amazing moments in your life.


Find a breathing technique that works best for you through the 3 stages of labor. Breathing should encourage keeping your body comfortable and relaxed as well as relaxing and opening the birth canal. 360 Breathing is an excellent breathing pattern that you can use during your pregnancy, delivery, as well as your postpartum recovery.

Pelvic Floor Mobility and Control

The pelvic floor and pelvis need to relax and open to widen the birth canal for your baby to pass through. Improving your body awareness of the ability to fully relax as well as contract the pelvic floor muscles under different tension and intensity can ease the delivery process, reduce the rate of perineal tearing, and improve your recovery.

Performing breathing exercises focused on pelvic floor relaxation and opening leading up to your deliver date can help improve the mobility, flexibility and control needed for your baby to pass through the birth canal.

Body Flexibility and Strength

Improving flexibility throughout your body, specifically in your spine, pelvis, and hips can reduce aches and pains that are common during the mid to late stages of pregnancy as well as improve your recovery postpartum. The birthing process are not always a quick. Building strength and endurance of your muscles to be able to sustain the active labor phase can improve your ability to push out your baby and reduce levels of fatigue and exhaustion.

Focusing on these 3 areas during your pregnancy can help prepare your body as well as ease your mind when it is time to deliver your baby. While these areas are important for all pregnant women to practice, each woman and their pregnancies are all different. If you are interested in receiving a more detailed plan throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery, contact our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Specialist at Create Your Core.

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