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Mommy and Me Fitness

Build Strength - Confidence - Connection

A full body strength training class, building the foundations to a strong core and active lifestyle.


Before I became a mom, I was always passionate about staying active and embracing a healthy lifestyle. I valued what fitness has brought into my life, and I have carried this forward into my role as a mom. Getting back into movement, a fitness routine, building back strength and feeling confident in my body again isn’t easy. Even as a Physical Therapist I had challenges and barriers along the way. This full body strength training class is designed from my own personal experiences in building back my strength and confidence after my 3 pregnancies as well as what I have been helping dozens of other women do as well.


This class is designed to empower you to embrace your strength and to share this incredible journey with your little ones.

What sets this class apart is its unique approach that incorporates your kids into your fitness routine. Our classes are designed to be fun, engaging, and adaptable to all fitness levels. This well-rounded workout incorporates everything you need: strength, mobility, stability, and control with an emphasis on pelvic floor and deep inner core connection. And the best part is that you can bring your little one along with you!

Learn more about our Strong As A Mother Class here or schedule a phone call with Dr. Jenn.

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