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Improve Your Mobility: The 4 Movements You Should Be Doing

Every joint in your body was made to move through its full range freely and easily. With the demands of our daily life, our day to day postures and positions don’t always give our bodies a chance to move through these full ranges.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. This phrase can be applied when it comes to our mobility. When a joint looses it's ability to move freely and easily through it’s full range, aches, pains, and injury can result.

Benefits of Improving Your Mobility

Mobility isn’t just good for your joints and muscles. Improving your mobility can….

Assist in improving your posture: Having a good upright posture sets the tone for the rest of the way your body is positioned and moves. Poor postural habits can cause changes in the structure and shape of your joints and with time those structures can start to break down causing aches, pains and unwanted injury. Performing mobility exercises helps break up poor postural habits that we fall into on a daily basis.

Alleviate “everyday” aches and stiffness: I haven’t met one person that doesn’t feel better after doing a little bit of mobility work. Allowing your joints to move through their full range, reduces common aches and stiffness that occur with being in one position over a long period of time (ex: sitting and working at a computer several hours a day).

Improve your body’s awareness: Mobility work is not meant to be rushed. You want to take your time with it and incorporate your breathing into the movements. By doing this you start to connect more with your body. You begin to feel the restrictions in your movement and start feel these restrictions release and improve.

Reduce risk of injury: When a joint or muscle does not move through its full range, it’s structure can become compromised and in turn, does not function properly. This leads to breakdown of the structure and increases the risk for injury. Maintaining full mobility in the structures in your body allows all of your parts to continue to work as they should.

If you move your joint through its full range of motion at least once a day, you should never lose the ability to perform the movement.

From my experience as a Physical Therapist, I have found these 4 exercises to be the most beneficial for maintaining full body mobility.

Wall Slides

Open Books

Lumbar Extension in Lying

Goblet Prying Squat

There should be a period of time that you dedicate to improving your mobility. Either before or after a workout session or a separate day dedicated towards mobility training. Even just 5-10 minutes a day is all you need to see progress.

If you are currently experiencing any aches and pains, or suffering from an injury, there may be more specific movements and exercises for you. Please consult with your Doctor or Physical Therapist prior to starting an exercise regimen or consult with one of Doctors.


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